Bluegrass Today reviews "Miss You" 

Many thanks to Lee Zimmerman at Bluegrass Today for his kind write-up of our brand new Bigtone Records EP, "Miss You". Click over to our store to get your very own copy today, and click on the image below to read this great review!

Exciting new live dates are in the works! Make sure you're vaccinated and stay tuned! We can't wait to see you (IN PERSON) soon!

Love, Your Friends-

-Conner and Grace

THIS JUST IN: Sinner Friends Miss You! 

We do, and here's the proof! Sinner Friends Miss You is out today! Click over to our store to order a hard copy or a digital download, and don't forget to like, follow and favorite wherever you stream music. 

Thanks, as always, for all your support! Stay tuned for more news on the new EP and other exciting irons we have in the fire. We sure do miss you!

-Your Sinner Friends

Bad News Gospel is (almost) here! 

Hello Friends!

Lets get real. This is a weird weird weird time. We are very disappointed to have to miss several dates we had lined up. The reason for that is that we have a very special project we were excited to share with you. Our brand new record, Bad News Gospel, is out tomorrow on Bigtone Records!

Never fear though, friends! We have a teaser, and a great review from country star Chris Scruggs, and you can order your very own hard or digital copy to enjoy in your own home!

Take a listen:

Here's what Chris Scruggs had to say about it!

"Sinner Friends’ latest release, “Bad News Gospel,” is exactly what traditional music needs in this day and age. The music holds reverence for the great sounds of yesteryear (specifically along the lines of sibling harmony duos like the Delmores, Louvins and Monroes), yet is fresh, relevant, and full of life. 

“Bad News Gospel” is not a dusty collection to be found on some ancient library’s shelf, but rather a breath of fresh air, or a cool drink from a mountain stream. 

Even in their production style, the end result is a collection of tunes by Sinner Friends that feels more like a lively and impromptu living room session than some cold and dreary visit to a clinical recording studio (this is an amazing feat often attempted and rarely achieved in the world of traditional music these days). 

That isn’t to say the front-porch aesthetics of “Bad News Gospel” should be confined to one’s home for private listening. The music here is honest, friendly, and versatile enough to conquer the crowds in any concert setting or music festival where Sinner Friends decide to take the stage."

-Chris Scruggs

the 20s are BACK! 

Well, Friends,

thanks to you we had a great 2019. Now we're coming up on our first birthday and we have a lot to be grateful for and a whole lot else to be excited about.

First a couple highlights from 2019:

We cut our first EP

We played on the radio

We played in Nashville

and North Carolina

And all around New England

We made a video with Make Sound Sessions

(and invented these cool new chord shapes?)

we felt like Super-Stars!

Now we are gearing up for an even better 2020. We'll be cutting our first full-length record with Bigtone Records! We'll be touring! In addition to Sinner Friends tours, we'll be side-guys in two awesome bands, Chris Jones and the Night Drivers (Grace) and the Price Sisters (Conner)! Please stay tuned here and on social media, as we will be announcing several 2020 dates very soon.

Thanks for sticking with us, Friends. It really means a lot and we are so thankful for you. Happy New Year!

Your Sinner Friends,

Conner and Grace


Hello, Friends! It's true! we're going NORTH!

But first we went to North Carolina...

We had a big time playing at the Rooster's Wife, bringing secular and gospel tunes, country kazoo, and receiving what may be the first and last ever request of 'more yodeling'! We shared the bill with Dawn Landes, who put on a fantastic show. What a great venue! We are so appreciative of Janet for having us and being such a magnanimous hostess.

(above photos by John Gessner)

We are very excited to have our new EP, Sinner Friends are Very Pleased to Meet You, available for order and streaming! It's getting some airplay and a very positive response.

We have caught the record-release bug and are very pleased to announce that we intend to record a full-length record this winter with the Bristol VA/TN based studio and label, Bigtone Records! Stay tuned for more details about this collaboration as they become available. We certainly admire what Bigtone is doing with live sessions and vintage equipment. These folks just get it, and we're digging it. Hard.

Speaking of tones... We're takin' off!

No, not to space. We're headed up to the Oldtone Roots Music Festival in Hillsdale, NY. Conner has never been this far north before, and Friends, that's because he couldn't have a better introduction than this festival. We are beside ourselves with excitement to share the lineup with some Friends, including Blind Boy Jerron Paxton, the Downhill Strugglers, Foghorn Stringband, just to name a few! Would you look at this lineup?! Check out this jam-packed (see what we did there?) schedule to whet your whistle, and come join us at Cool Whisper Farm. We'll be performing a couple mainstage sets as well as participating in square dances, instrument workshops, kids' music, and stage invasions. We just can't wait. See you September 5-8th!

If you just can't seem to make it upstate to do some two-stepping with us, we are happy to let you know that we will be attending the IBMA World of Bluegrass Conference in Raleigh, NC. Come catch us at one of our showcases (soon to be listed on our schedule) or snag us in a hotel hallway. We are looking forward to meeting you and hearing about the kind of country music that turns your crank. Grace will also be performing with Chris Jones and the Night Drivers. She officially joins the band in mid-September and is very excited about the opportunity to work with this awesome bluegrass group in addition to her banjo, uke, and country kazoo duties with Sinner Friends. It's going to be a great week!

Until then, Friends be like your esteemed Pal Conner...

and stay hungry for that Oldtime country blues music!


-Your Sinner Friends (Conner & Grace)




Yes, friends. We made our debut in the bright lights big city booming metropolitan area of Nashville. Madison, specifically, and we are hooked.

On the night before Conner got into town, Grace had the opportunity to play for her first time at the storied Station Inn. Award winning broadcaster and songsmith Chris Jones and his Night Drivers were celebrating the release of their brilliant new album, the Choosing Road. After experiencing a touch of laryngitis, Chris called in some musical reinforcements and Grace was more than happy to oblige. Thanks so much for sharing the stage, Chris!

The next evening, Conner rolled in and we suited up and rendered a set of oldtime country at Dee's Lounge in Madison, TN. We finally got to try out our new Ear Trumpet Delphina in the wild. She killed it!

We made some new friends, and had such a good time that we came back later that night and stumbled on the Louvin Brothers gospel jam of our dreams. We stayed up very very late singing and picking around a bonfire out back.

After sleeping off the late night jam, your friends paid some dues and did some graveside contemplation. The Madison cemetery was packed with heroes.

It was a great trip and we can't wait to come back.

Too bad Conner left early and missed hot chicken.

We are in the process of completing the final mixes of our first EP. We can't wait to share that music with you and it will be ready very soon. In the meantime, stay tuned, stay in tune, and stay spicy, Friends!

-Your Friends,

Conner and Grace