Bad News Gospel is (almost) here!

Hello Friends!

Lets get real. This is a weird weird weird time. We are very disappointed to have to miss several dates we had lined up. The reason for that is that we have a very special project we were excited to share with you. Our brand new record, Bad News Gospel, is out tomorrow on Bigtone Records!

Never fear though, friends! We have a teaser, and a great review from country star Chris Scruggs, and you can order your very own hard or digital copy to enjoy in your own home!

Take a listen:

Here's what Chris Scruggs had to say about it!

"Sinner Friends’ latest release, “Bad News Gospel,” is exactly what traditional music needs in this day and age. The music holds reverence for the great sounds of yesteryear (specifically along the lines of sibling harmony duos like the Delmores, Louvins and Monroes), yet is fresh, relevant, and full of life. 

“Bad News Gospel” is not a dusty collection to be found on some ancient library’s shelf, but rather a breath of fresh air, or a cool drink from a mountain stream. 

Even in their production style, the end result is a collection of tunes by Sinner Friends that feels more like a lively and impromptu living room session than some cold and dreary visit to a clinical recording studio (this is an amazing feat often attempted and rarely achieved in the world of traditional music these days). 

That isn’t to say the front-porch aesthetics of “Bad News Gospel” should be confined to one’s home for private listening. The music here is honest, friendly, and versatile enough to conquer the crowds in any concert setting or music festival where Sinner Friends decide to take the stage."

-Chris Scruggs