THIS JUST IN: Sinner Friends Miss You!

We do, and here's the proof! Sinner Friends Miss You is out today! Click over to our store to order a hard copy or a digital download, and don't forget to like, follow and favorite wherever you stream music. 


Your Sinner Friends Miss You 

It's true. We do. Please accept this latest and last single in advance of our brand new EP, Sinner Friends Miss You. The EP is out May 28th and you can pre-order right here

The single, Miss the Mississippi, is…

Unforgivable? Inconceivable. 

Friends, we do not recommend this blatant disregard of boundaries, but we do find it fascinating.

please enjoy our single, Unforgivable You.

-your Sinner Friends

Broken in the Dust Again 

Check out our hotter-than-a-pyre-of-flame new single, Pride of Man

-your Sinner Friends

it's true! Santa is Real! 

You'd better watch out, cause he's real and he's back. Please listen to learn more and for heaven's sake, Friends, stay off of that Naughty List.

-your Sinner Friends



Bad News Gospel is (almost) here!

Hello Friends!

Lets get real. This is a weird weird weird time. We are very disappointed to have to miss several dates we had lined up. The reason for that is that we have a very special project we were…

the 20s are BACK!

Well, Friends,

thanks to you we had a great 2019. Now we're coming up on our first birthday and we have a lot to be grateful for and a whole lot else to be excited about.

First a couple highlights…


Hello, Friends! It's true! we're going NORTH!

But first we went to North Carolina...

We had a big time playing at the Rooster's Wife, bringing secular and gospel tunes, country kazoo, and receiving what may be the first and…


Yes, friends. We made our debut in the bright lights big city booming metropolitan area of Nashville. Madison, specifically, and we are hooked.

On the night before Conner got into town, Grace had the opportunity to play for her first…


Hello, Friends!

Guess what?! Sinner Friends recorded an EP! You can expect to listen and satisfy any curiosity you may have as to the validity of our claims to be musicians in the next couple months. We want to thank…

Grace's news!

From Grace:

After a big move and the cozy holidays I'm finally getting the chance to reflect on the amazing opportunity I had to be part of the Bluegrass Jamboree - Festival of Bluegrass and Americana Music. This…